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Fat and Cellulite Treatment Across Leamington Spa, Coventry

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is an advanced, pain-free treatment using the complex multiple technologies to target areas of cellulite & Fat on a deeper level. Radiofrequency is used to enhance new collagen production which then in turn tightens and firms the target area of skin, smoothing out cellulite areas. Cold Laser therapy then targets the stubborn fat area on parts of the body such as stomach, arms, thighs and the buttocks. To give dramatic results after just 6 treatments.

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T-Shape Fat & Cellulite Reduction Body

The T-Shape multisystem is considered most effective for instant body contouring. It’s also faultless when it comes to regenerating face skin, as it comes with an incredible range of pieces of different sizes – making it easy to work on stubborn areas of the body, from the largest to the smallest and delicate ones.

This is a ground-breaking device that combines three different state-of-the-art technologies for an instant wellness appeal for face and body. T-Shape permits the use of radio-frequency, infrared and vacuum technology. A modular system which components can be used together or separately, depending on the treatment. This provides a powerful toning and relaxing action.


LLLT exposes the adipose tissue, forming micropores in fat cells and accelerating the breakdown of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids. The fatty acids are then released from the cell, then reducing the volume. The then released lipids are removed through usual metabolic processes. LLLT reduces body circumference by targeted application, to the treated areas, it is also known to be effective in reducing oedemas.

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Bespoke Cellulite & Firming Treatments

Treatments 4x Sessions Deposit Balance over 3 payments 8x Sessions Deposit Balance over 7 payments
FACE RE-MODELING – 20 minutes £240 £120 £40 £480 £120 £51.43
A facial firming & lymphatic drainage technique suitable for those with concerns of double chin, enhancing contours such as cheek bones, reducing fat & de-puffing of eyes.
FACE-LIFTING – 20 minutes £280 £140 £46.67 £560 £140 £60
An anti-ageing facial technique with a thermal effect to provide a lifting effect and long-lasting results with regular maintenance.
RADIO FREQUENCY FACIAL – 15 minutes £180 £90 £30 £360 £90 £38.57
Anti-ageing using radiofrequency technology to heat the deep, collagen rich layers of your skin and subcutaneus muscles. Procedure can effectively and safely treat fine lines and wrinkles on most body parts, including the face, eyes around, neck, hands, arms, tummy, thighs and buttocks.
BACK TONING – 30 minutes £240 £120 £40 £480 £120 £51.43
A treatment for those concerned with re-shaping or slimming the back silhouette, consists of draining the harmful toxins, a re-shaping massage followed by toning and firming the skin or focused muscle relaxation.
STOMACH TONING/FIRMING – 30 minutes £300 £150 £50 £600 £150 £64.29
A treatment with effective fat reduction & skin tightening on the stomach consists of draining the harmful toxins, a reshaping massage, followed by toning or firming of the muscles.
BUTT LIFT – 30 minutes £300 £150 £50 £600 £150 £64.29
Ideal for cellulite reduction, toning and firming of the hips and buttocks area, consists of draining the harmful toxins, a re-shaping lifting massage, followed by toning or firming of the muscles, also helps to smooth out blotchy & uneven skin tone & texture.
THIGH & BUTT FIRMING – 40 minutes £390 £195 £65 £780 £195 £83.57
A treatment for those concerned with cellulite, fatty deposits and loss of skin tone and muscle on the thighs.
CALVES RE-SHAPING – 14 minutes £150 £75 £25 £300 £75 £32.14
Ideal for those with sore calf muscles that need toning, re-shaping and relaxation.


When radio frequency waves are applied to it, the natural electrical resistance of the skin tissue causes it to heat up. When it’s heated to a temperature above 60°C, the collagen dermis is denatured, which causes the collagen fibrils to contract and thicken.

In response, additional collagen forms in the skin tissue, making it firmer and improving its tone.


T-Shape incorporates vacuum treatment technologies with varying pulse modes. The treatment acts by lifting and compressing the skin, stimulating the circulation and lymphatic drainage. It facilitates fibroblast activity, favouring vasodilation, and distributing oxygen.

The T-Shape multisystem is the most effective strategy for instant body contouring and its results. It’s also perfect for regenerating facial skin, as it comes with handpieces of different sizes – making it easy to work on any point of the body, from the largest to the smallest and most delicate ones.


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